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Creative Writing Tips & Tricks by Muqaddim Noor

Creative Writing Tips & Tricks by Muqaddim Noor

Muqaddim Noor
BDT 3,999
Design Thinking by Onindo Ahmed

Design Thinking by Onindo Ahmed

Onindo Ahmed
BDT 6,999

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Really excited to talk about the future transition of Marketing in Web 3.0. From thriving in the NFT ecosystem to marketing in Metaverse, acquiring relevant skill sets would be a considerable investment in the future of work. For a growing economy like ours, the more skilled resources we can shape, the more we would be future-proof! There are no geo boundaries in terms of work now. That has come with so many immense opportunities and time to train to add value; our traditional education system won’t help in this regard.

I'm excited to have the opportunity to speak at this event. I'll be talking about the use cases of Blockchain, which aims to solve numerous problems across many industries. Moreover, I'll also focus on trends like NFTs, DAO, Defi, De-commerce, and AMMs and how those create enormous opportunities for enterprises, including BizDev, creative, intellectual, branding, ownership, and assets.

Metaverse, this immersive virtual world won’t be limited to just games and travel but also will spread around almost every aspect of our lives soon. At the time of Covid 19, we all got to experience why the metaverse is necessary and inevitable to emerge. So, should we be left behind from sitting on one of the driving seats of the development of such technology? We are already quite behind with research and skills regarding the innovation and development of the extended reality world.In the event, I will discuss how we can start learning to drive and get our driving license to Metaverse and how creativity can be practiced in solving so many problems through the power of augmented and virtual reality.

If you come to think about it, a lot of what has changed the world is how our information is managed with technology. We saw Web 1.0 allowing us to consume electronic information at scale. Web 2.0 came in and allowed us to create digital information on the web. Web 3.0 has ushered in an era where humans are pushing the boundaries of digital information. I want to envision a web where the boundary between the physical and the digital fades. I like to call it the Spatial Web.

Very soon, work will be very different. Different industries are undergoing transformations as a result of new waves of technology. It is essential to have the right skills to remain relevant in the new world of work.

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Rubaiyat Farhan

Co-founder and COO at
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Hasnaeen Ferdous

Lead Blockchain Architect at NuArca Labs
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Ridi Nourin Haque

Games and AR/VR developer
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Tanveer Fahad

Senior Associate of Product Management at Better Stories
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Onindo Ahmed

Co-founder and CEO at Yellow Raptor

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How to work with prototype design with adobe xd featuring tools